Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important dates that I need to know for final registration upon being accepted?

If you decide to proceed, please make either a full payment or a deposit of RM500 accordingly within 14-days upon receiving letter of acceptance, i.e. before the Payment Deadline: 16th June 2023. We may then confirm your participation in the Summer School.

What to expect upon submitting the application to the program?

Upon acceptance into the program, participants will receive an email and are required to pay the deposit fee within the timeframe given upon being accepted into the WISE Summer School (Payment Deadline: 16th June 2023). This is an important deadline to consider before deciding to apply to the program. 

All participants will receive a list of required and suggested reading in order to help them prepare for the program. This list will be sent out to students about a month before the program.
Participants can also expect to receive an acceptance packet with more detailed information about the program and classes, the daily schedule, packing and travel tips and other pertinent information AFTER the payment and confirmation is made.

Who is eligible for a Student rate for 'local' and 'international' participants?

[Local] Students and Professionals

This category is specifically for:
Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Bosnia, South Africa, Yemen, Latin America, Somalia(nd), Nigeria, and Iran undergraduates and postgraduates studying locally or abroad
AND Professionals who make less than RM3500/month (USD770) who are concerned with building upon a secure knowledge foundation in order to find the true meaning of self within the framework of Islam. Individuals who are looking to achieve synergistic connections with individuals across multi-generations serve to strengthen the unity of people based on their mutual understanding and concern in regard to knowledge

We have had numerous students from various levels (undergraduate, graduates and fresh graduates) participating in this program since its inception. We understand the financial difficulties that students and fresh-grads are in, hence the tuition fees for this category is reduced.

[International] Students and Professionals

This category is specifically for other (than above) undergraduates and postgraduates studying abroad AND professionals who make less than RM3500/month (USD770) who are concerned with building upon a secure knowledge foundation in order to find the true meaning of self within the framework of Islam.

Is it necessary for me to have read all of Prof. al-Attas's works in order to benefit from the Summer School?

While it is not necessary for you to have read all of Prof. al-Attas's works, certain degree of familiarity of his major works and ideas is helpful. The Summer School itself is an initiative to set the proper foundations of understanding his thoughts and works, although not limited to that. 

Are there any recommended materials for me to read before the Summer School?

We would encourage you to read Islam and Secularism by Prof. al-Attas and the Introduction chapter from the Prolegomena to the Metaphysics of Islam. Other works relating to the issue of Dewesternisation and Islamisation of Knowledge by other authors are also recommended.

Is it possible to attent only the modules that interest me and leave the rest?

It is ‘possible’, but strongly not advisable. All modules and discussions sessions are designed in such a way that they are interconnected with each other giving a systematic flow of ideas. 

Do we get a certificate?


What are the fees inclusive off?

Accommodation: Tuition includes full room and board and all meals for the duration of the WISE Summer School. Students will enjoy the convenience of the best accommodation within the venue: the Scholar's Inn.

*All students must share rooms in The Regency Scholar's Hotel. If any of the participants wants to bring a family or requests for single lodging, additional cost applies according to the type of room. 

Course Materials: All students will receive course texts and relevant supplemental materials designed specifically for the WISE Summer School program. 

Transportation for Visits: Tuition fees will also include any transportation costs for day trips during the program as stated in the program schedule only. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper provided.

What if I don't have a credit card and I am applying from overseas?

You can useTransferWise or TopRemit (for Indonesia) as a method of payment. Or otherwise, you can do a telegraphic transfer (TT) of the payment to the following account:

Account Name: Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim Sdn Bhd
Bank Name: CIMB ISLAMIC Bank Berhad
Bank Account: 8600181622
Bank sortcode: CTBBMYKL

I am applying for a sponsorship, what is the process of applying to the program?

Please submit your application and send an email implying your need for financial assistants. We will still require a Deposit to be paid to secure your place, and will get back to you by mid July if we found a sponsorship for you. 

Can I make payment in installment?

Yes, we open an installment option for 2 months for you to make the remaining payment after the deposit. Please refer to below:



RM 500 ($100)


RM2500 ($770), payable in:


RM1250 ($385)


RM1250 ($385)



RM500 ($110)


RM1300 ($450), payable in:


RM650 ($225)


RM650 ($225)
Can I see the pictures of the rooms provided?

Please visit the Scholar's Inn website for general information on lodging.

Can I not stay in the accomodation provided?

Yes you may. But it is strongly encouraged for all participants to stay in the accommodation provided for the convenience of gaining the whole experience of what WISEss has to offer. Tentative programs are designed to finish as late as 10.00 pm and classes usually begin as early as 9.00 am. In a busy city like Kuala Lumpur, staying nearby is ideal if you want to be on time.

How are the accommodation arrangements for Students and Professionals?

Student Participants will automatically be placed in a shared room (4 or 5 shared (3 bedroom apartment) or 2 shared (double/twin bed suite)).  Professionals Participants will be staying in the latter. Should they so prefer, an additional cost incur if you require a single lodging with additional cost. Participants who wish to bring their family along will be an additional cost according to the type of room they will require.

I have a specific meal requirement, what should I do?

Please inform us of these preferences as soon as possible prior to the Summer School by emailing us at stating your name and the diet preferences (vegetarian, vegan, or specific allergies) for us to make further arrangements.

What are the meals inclusive of?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner shall be provided. It is inclusive in the fees.

How do I get to the WISEss 2023 venue?

WISE Summer School 2023 will take place at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (UTM KL). It is located along Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra (formerly known as Jalan Semarak), some 4 km from the Petronas Twin Towers.

From the Airport (KLIA or KLIA2), take the KLIA Express or KLIA Transit train to KL Sentral (RM 35). Then take the LRT (Kelana Jaya Line) to Ampang Park Station or Damai Station (RM 2). And then you may take a taxi to UTM Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra (around RM 5). Scholar's Inn will be clearly visible once you enter the main gate of UTM KL.

Do we have time to roam around the area?

Although the schedule is rather intensive, some excursions will be organized to some sites around KL. All participants are advised to make their sightseeing arrangements during allocated free time.
Please refer to the timetable (to be sent later) for more information.